Future Digital Technology in Human Resources

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Future Digital Technology in Human Resources


This project was developed during the Digital Technology module, at Hyper Island. I was part of a team of 4 people, from 4 different countries: The Netherlands, Italy, Norway, and Portugal.

Our client for this module was BrightHR, a cloud Human Resources (HR) management software. BrightHR challenged us to present a 10-year journey into the future for a product which encompassed the changes in technology and society that it would need to respond to.

Brief presentation at BrightHR’s offices. a

The project started with research about which areas are covered by HR within an organization. To do this, we invited an HR professional to spend a day with us, to share his expertise and be part of the creative process.

Since we were looking for solutions for the next 10 years, the team also researched about the future of technology, society, and human behaviour.

Based on the insights generated, we created the concept of the Project Hopper. We believe the job description is dead. Job candidates will look for the right projects for them, not for a generalist and, often times, misleading list of responsibilities.

Project Hopper – a worker that jumps from project to project or works on multiple ones at the same time, either inside the same company or between different companies.

The discussions and brainstorming during this project were heavily influenced by ethical issues found throughout the way. We wanted to create a product that used 1) the power of data, in a meaningful and responsible way, respecting the privacy of the employees; 2) artificial intelligence, while keeping the empathy and human touch needed when dealing with people’s lives in the workplace; and 3) technology to add real value and not just as an add-on that is ‘nice to have’.



By looking at these ‘walls’ as opportunities and with a ‘yes, and’ attitude to build on each other’s ideas, we came up with Remora – a futuristic tool that would allow companies to hire people for their potential, rather than focusing solely on their skills or experience. Remora also helps employees find the right projects for them. It does so, by collecting information about the professional, by asking him/her questions about his/her personality, and by using this information to connect it to the needs of the employers.

Remora’s futuristic video

After watching the video, you might be wondering ‘Why are these people looking at their hands, tables and mirrors? There’s nothing there!’. The video is based on the prediction that, in 10 years, we won’t be using smartphones as an interface to access the internet. Instead, the interface will be in our eyes, through contact lenses.

Pitch day video by Tash Willcocks

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