A toolbox to help cross-functional teams collaborate better

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A toolbox to help cross-functional teams collaborate better


This project was developed during a collaboration between Hyper Island UK and TeamWeek. The students from both the Digital Media Management and the Digital Experience Design Masters were asked to create a toolbox for cross-functional teams to increase their efficiency, mainly in the early stages of working together.

Cross-functional are more and more common, but according to Harvard Business Review 75% of them are dysfunctional.

The Crew UK (approx 60 students altogether) was devided in teams of 5 to 6 members. Each team had a category to focus on: Icebreakers, Culture development, Bonding Activities, Focus & Goal Alignment and a wildcard.


My role in this process was to facilitate the communication between the teams coming up with the ideas and the project management team. I also helped clarify any questions the teams had and made sure everyone was on the same page.


In less than 24h, the teams got together, generated ideas and developed tools to help new teams work together effectively.

See the #HITeamWeek toolbox here.

Read the student and client reflections on Medium.