Transforming a 100-year-old business

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Transforming a 100-year-old business


This project was developed during the Business Transformation module, at Hyper Island. I was part of a team of 4 people, from 4 different countries: Canada, Hong Kong, Brazil, and Portugal.

The challenge was to transform Brother, a 100 years-old company, whose core business is building hardware (printers, sewing machines, etc), so that it could stay relevant in the future and be ahead of its competitors.

During the entire process, the team researched about the company, the printing market (the company’s current main focus) and about cases studies of success business transformations. In parallel, we dug deeper into the needs of Brother’s target market: small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

While connecting the dots between all the insights we were collecting, we kept brainstorming and prototyping possible solutions. In 4 weeks, we generated dozens of ideas, developed 3 and chose 1. During this time we got the input and guidance from Mary Wallace from IBM, and professionals from Sapient Nitro, AQKA, Zone, and Spagetthi.

Presenting the pitch at Brother

Presenting the pitch at Brother


We created Buddy, power by Brother. Buddy is a new service, dedicated to SMEs, to help them be more productive and cost efficient, using the Internet of Things (IoT). Together with the SMEs, Buddy builds and implements tailor-made strategies and systems that help them cut costs, collect customer insights and manage their businesses better so that they can focus on the things they love.

Buddy’s website and promotional video:

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